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I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2000. My years of experience in massage, nutrition, personal and relationship coaching, mentoring and shamanic energy medicine allows me to teach individuals and small groups how to live their most authentic life.

I have found that most people know they want something to be different in their life, they just don’t know where to start. Common struggles are too much stress, confused by diets, not enough time for exercise, unfulfilled job, and lots of fear.

There are many aspects involved in bringing your life into balance and they are all connected by an underlying belief system you have about it. For me, it starts with a conversation. Beneath the words we use to tell our story are the clues to how we can rewrite it.

Our health is greatly affected by our perceptions. Most of our perceptions are based on our beliefs. The problem is that 90% of our beliefs are based on wrong information.

Our perceptions (thoughts) create our emotions and emotions trigger the release of chemicals into our bodies. The emotions either support our growth and health or breakdown our immune system, which sets us up for sickness and disease.

In my sessions I look for patterns of thought that are creating the emotions that do not support your growth and health. During the bodywork I find where these emotions are stuck in the body and work to release them by manipulating the fascia or clearing the energy field.

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